Winder Safe Features: What You Want To Know

Watch Winder Safe Box

A winder safe is a safety box that is equipped with an electrical watch winder system for you watch that keeps your watches running even when you keep it in storage. A watch winder safe box could be considered as a luxury item, and some stores even offer customization options that can be suited to your needs. Here are some customizable things that you might want to consider when you are getting a winder safe.


One of the most important things to consider when you are getting a winder safe is of course the winder itself. You should know the specifications of your watch collection before choosing what kind of winders would suit your need the best. One of those things are the rotor winding direction. There are three ways that your rotor will wind the mainspring: clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional. Another thing that you should consider is the turns per day, which is the amount of times a day must the rotor turn in order to keep the watch fully wound.


Since the winders are electric, it does need a power source. An AC powered safe winder requires a power cord that plugs into the wall, while a DC powered winder is powered by a battery and is usually mounted inside the winder safe.


If you are getting a winder safe, of course the security of the winder safe itself is the most important thing for you. There are a wide range of security options that various stores offer. One of these features are ballistic armor plating, which makes your safe essentially bulletproof. Another feature that you can consider is a glass plate relockers, which features a tempered glass plate is positioned between the lock and the safe door that would shatter when there is any attempt to penetrate the door to access the lock, and it will release numerous hardened re-locker pins positioned at key locations throughout the safe’s bolt work. Once triggered, the pins prevent the safe from opening until every pin has been identified, drilled, and extracted.

Fire protection

This is a feature that is not commonly provided by winder safe, but it is definitely something that you might want to consider. Fire protection is created by the type of materials used and how it is processed, so fireproof winder safe are typically thicker than regular winder safes. The thickness of the safe can also be considered as a bonus security feature.

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