Do Not Do These when Buying an Official Rolex Watch Winder


Just buying any kind of official rolex watch winder will not do good for your automatic watch. You might want to use a watch winder because you want to keep it convenient to wear your automatic watch collection. Yet, you should not do these mistakes when buying a watch winder.

Do Not Pay Attention to TPD

There are so many watch winder products available nowadays. If you just buy any product without paying attention to the program setting of the unit, your automatic watch might not be able to last long. It might be damaged because of unsuitable winding sessions. More importantly, it will not be as accurate as it should be.

You should pay attention to the TPD that can be covered by the watch winders. If the watch winder comes with 650-1800 turns per day, it will be good enough for handling almost any kind of automatic watch. Besides TPD, you also need to pay attention to the rotation directions of the watch winder. If you can adjust them all, you will not make the wrong choice.

Choose Cheap Price over Quality

When you are browsing on the internet, the options of watch winder are unlimited. You can easily find many products at a pretty cheap price. It will be bad if the cheap watch winder is cheaply made as well. you should choose quality over the cheap price when buying a watch winder.

The official rolex watch winder might be pretty expensive but it is well-built. You can see it since the motor comes with shielding. This way, the watch will not be magnetized after being kept in the winder for a long time. Choosing a high-end or at least mid-market winder can give you peace of mind about this matter.

Do Not Consider the Power Supply

The power supply sounds like an unimportant aspect of consideration when buying a watch winder. As long as your watch winder can run, you do not mind about the power supply. However, it will play an important role in your watch winder performance.

If the watch winder is powered by a battery, the battery might not be able to give a consistent energy output after time. It can make the rotation speed uneven. As a result, the TPD measurement will not be accurate. If you choose a watch winder with a power adapter only, it will be troublesome when you want to carry it when traveling. The official rolex watch winder with both power supply and the battery will be the best option.

3 Types Of Watch Winder for Your Precious Watch Collection

watch box for automatic watches

For an automatic watch owner, a watch winder can be something significant in your watch winding routine. Either you only have one to be worn occasionally or have dozen of Automatic watches, this multifunctional watch box for automatic watches will help you to go through the rewinding process when you decide to not wear your watch.

A watch winder is a device that used to automatically wind your watch or watches, rotating it frequently to make your watch wound and running.

When you consider to have the next box or even start your automatic watch winding routine, there are some types of watch winder you can select.


There is some watch winder that can be used up to 48 watches at the same time. Bring the most needed settings for almost every kind of automatic watches, this kind of watch winder prioritizes it functions more, even though their appearance will not lack in any sense.


A Leather box or finished wood and completed with an enclosure. Offering a neat and luxurious multifunctional box for your automatic watch, this kind of watch winder goes beyond its function and will look beautiful wherever you decide to place your watch box for automatic watches. Oh, you can display your Patek in this winder too.


There is almost no limit to luxury items. So many incredible things that can only be found in such a high-quality watch winder. Jewel covered box, a customizable luxurious safety box, or the most sophisticated watch winder you can find only for your precious automatic watches. Anyway, your Rolex itself is a luxury accessory, so why not mount it in the most magnificent watch winder?

Either way, it depends on your preference and budget. So choose wisely and consider your watch needs because choosing a watch box for automatic watches is as important as choosing your automatic watch itself.


luxury watch

The beauty of mechanical watch is that it involves no battery, its power come from a natural source of energy, spring mechanism that produced kinetic energy. A mechanical watch is born from an intricate system of gears that works together resulting in a consistent movement. Some of the famous manufacturers for this kind of mechanical watch even raise the standard further even as getting their watch certified by CSOC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) an institute which certifies the accuracy and precision of watches. Customers like us got carried out thinking that this kind of mechanical watch is somehow Godly, and will behave differently than basic mechanical watch, which is sadly untrue.

Rolex is one of the big and premium name in the market who produces mechanical watch. They even found their own mechanism who will guarantee a highly accurate perpetual motion. But even the most advanced mechanical Rolex can’t go against Physics law, if you don’t continuously wear it then it will slow down and eventually stop. Usually it will last around 40-48 hours. So if you have multiple Rolexes, and forget to switch watches every day, big chance you still need for watch winder for Rolex.

The question next is how much should we spend to buy watch winder for Rolex, should we spend as much as the watch itself? The answer is of course is a definite no, there are certain specifications for watch winder in general and it’s not excluding watch winder for Rolex. The functional requirements are basically the same such as how many rotation will it make in one day? Will it fit with the size of your watch, IF you own unusually small or big watches? How quiet is the winder if you can’t tolerate loud buzz in yo. All other characteristics like extravagant materials, futuristic model shape, made from real leather, gold, silver, diamonds, those are extra luxuries, you can pay for it or keep your money for another Rolex piece.

Winder Safe Features: What You Want To Know

Watch Winder Safe Box

A winder safe is a safety box that is equipped with an electrical watch winder system for you watch that keeps your watches running even when you keep it in storage. A watch winder safe box could be considered as a luxury item, and some stores even offer customization options that can be suited to your needs. Here are some customizable things that you might want to consider when you are getting a winder safe.


One of the most important things to consider when you are getting a winder safe is of course the winder itself. You should know the specifications of your watch collection before choosing what kind of winders would suit your need the best. One of those things are the rotor winding direction. There are three ways that your rotor will wind the mainspring: clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional. Another thing that you should consider is the turns per day, which is the amount of times a day must the rotor turn in order to keep the watch fully wound.


Since the winders are electric, it does need a power source. An AC powered safe winder requires a power cord that plugs into the wall, while a DC powered winder is powered by a battery and is usually mounted inside the winder safe.


If you are getting a winder safe, of course the security of the winder safe itself is the most important thing for you. There are a wide range of security options that various stores offer. One of these features are ballistic armor plating, which makes your safe essentially bulletproof. Another feature that you can consider is a glass plate relockers, which features a tempered glass plate is positioned between the lock and the safe door that would shatter when there is any attempt to penetrate the door to access the lock, and it will release numerous hardened re-locker pins positioned at key locations throughout the safe’s bolt work. Once triggered, the pins prevent the safe from opening until every pin has been identified, drilled, and extracted.

Fire protection

This is a feature that is not commonly provided by winder safe, but it is definitely something that you might want to consider. Fire protection is created by the type of materials used and how it is processed, so fireproof winder safe are typically thicker than regular winder safes. The thickness of the safe can also be considered as a bonus security feature.